Deluxe Chocolate & Princess Heart

Shabby chic wooden heart with the message 'It's not easy being a Princess'. Hang around the house or in the car.


Deluxe dairy free and cane sugar free chocolate. Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Coconut Sugar, Coconut Milk, Cocoa Butter. Cocoa content 55%. Weight 90g.


Allergy advice: Although the chocolatiers endeaver to make their dairy/nut products separately from non dairy/nut products, we cannot guarantee there won't be traces of dairy/nuts in any of these chocolates. Gluten is rarely used in this produce and will be listed on the ingredients if it is. Soya is not used in any of these products.


Premurosa, sending small bespoke gifts to people who matter.




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thank you
celebration 1
blank stars 18
fab friend 15
blank hearts 1

i love you card 14
get well 19
well done card 12
merry christmas card 1
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thinking of you
christmas 1
happy birthday card - balloons
good luck card 1 lg
happy birthday card 1

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with love mum 17
happy christmas
love card 19
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A Little Something Extra?

hello little one - new baby gift for girl
chocolate kisses 1
good friends are hard to find - heart
best mum heart 1
special friend wooden heart 1

happy ever after porcelain heart
love you loads 1
special sister wooden heart 1
special friend 1
magic wishes 1

mum token 11
do what makes your heart smile porcelain butterfly
friends like stars porcelain heart
best sister heart 1
thank you 18

special gran wooden heart 1
good luck heart 1
reach for the stars - porcelain gift 1
love token 1
bless this house - porcelain heart am

if you can dream it

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