Premurosa Blog

Founded in 2012, Premurosa offer unique gift ideas delivered through the letterbox.  So, whether you are an individual looking for a thoughtful gift or a business wanting to promote their company in a very different and personal way, Premurosa can offer you a gift to suit your occasion. And now, we offer you a gift blog where we will keep you informed of our new products and ideas. We hope you enjoy reading them.





A Nice Surprise!

First you see the parcel drop through the letterbox onto your doormat. It’s for you, how lovely! You wonder who it’s from. Carefully, you open the purple shiny envelope and pull out the bespoke white and purple gift box and wonder what it is? It smells divine. Your curiosity can’t wait any longer! Excited, you pull the sleeve off the gift box and open the box… there’s a card. You wonder who it’s from, then you see it’s from a friend at work who knows you’ve had a bit of a hard time lately. How nice!


And there’s more… the lovely tissue paper, carefully sealed with a small sticker. You breath in the beautiful fragrance once more and then (you can’t wait any longer) you tug at the sticker to reveal the most pretty little bath treats and shabby chic wooden heart with the words ‘Special Friend’. How nice!


They say it’s the thought that counts, and it is, however, at Premurosa we believe that receiving a gift should be a whole experience. One that will make you smile for the rest of the day. If you receive a present like this, it’s nice to know that somebody thought enough of you to go to the trouble of sending a surprise gift. Somebody really cared about the way the package would be put together. And, somebody took the trouble to write a thoughtful message. How nice!


So next time you send a gift, give a little more thought and attention to small details. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but the way it’s presented will make a huge difference to the recipient, it will make them feel special. Premurosa means thoughtful in Italian, and that’s what we’re all about. From making bespoke boxes that fit through the letterbox so no-one has to wait in, to the packing, cards and quality gifts we do it all, offering you stress free shopping for your family and friends or maybe yourself!. A nice gift presented beautifully will cheer up anyone's day. How nice! J