Thinking of You


Isn’t it nice to know that someone, somewhere is thinking of you?


Annual events such as birthdays and anniversaries are times when you may not be surprised to receive cards and gifts from friends and family, especially if you've been dropping very big hints for a few weeks prior (I’m totally guilty of this) but how about the times that are not celebrated, when it would be even nicer to be remembered and to know that someone is thinking of you?


Thinking of You



Bereavement is one of those times. Losing someone close is something we’ll all have to go through at some stage and once the funeral has come and gone people tend to carry on with their own lives leaving the bereaved to continue with theirs. In some cases this may be a very lonely one. For them to receive a card or letter through the post would mean so much to them. People recuperating after an operation or illness who are probably bored stiff would also appreciate a thought as would their carer, who gives them a thought?


Choc Angel



In a time where texts and emails are second nature to most and we send them out constantly without giving them much thought, occasionally it would be nice to do things the good old fashioned way. So whether it’s a simple hello, thank you or thinking of you, make an effort and put pen to paper or send a sentimental gift and message. And if you don’t have the time, we’d love to do it for you because when someone receives a Premurosa gift and card they’re delighted and distracted from the everyday pressures for a few minutes and this feeling will stay with them for the rest of the day.