The Story Behind Make Me Feel Good Subscriptions


Premurosa founder Jo Harrison tells all about her new letterbox gift subscriptions for women.


Make me Me Feel Good Subscription boxes for women


How did it start?

I started Make Me Feel Good subscriptions because I feel that women don’t always get that thank you or treat they deserve.  Probably because after a day at work or looking after the children they then turn to the cooking and cleaning, sorting through paperwork or organising the next family holiday, but rarely taking time for themselves. I felt that a Make Me Feel Good subscription would create the opportunity for them to carve out some precious time to put the kettle on and indulge or to shut the bathroom door and escape from everyday life for a moment. It’s also a great incentive gift for women who are trying to better themselves, whether that’s through education or a slimming club, it’s always nice to receive a little something special to spur you on. And finally, Make Me Feel Good is also designed for single women, who simply want to treat themselves to something nice each month.


Why just for women?

My initial inspiration for Make Me Feel Good came from something I’d seen in America where women were sent a gift box to coincide with their ‘time of the month’ which even included pads and tampons! I decided that women would rather receive indulgent little treats once a month and if I’m honest, I didn’t fancy the marketing that would go with that time of month! I am sure men also need a ‘treat’ every month but they are more likely to head to the gym, drink with friends or hit the golf course. I wanted Make Me Feel Good subscriptions to be for women who wouldn’t usually put themselves first. Maybe I’ll look at a subscription gift for men in the future.  


Name three words which sum up these subscription boxes?

Surprising, thoughtful and indulgent.


What can you expect to find in a Make Me Feel Good Subscription Box?

Once you unwrap the beautiful packaging you’ll find a letter written by me along with a list of what’s included and their ingredients. We also include a discount card that you can pass on to friends or family who you also think deserve a monthly treat. The gifts vary each month, we may include handmade and natural soaps and bath bombs, a sentimental gift, beauty products or indulgent confectionery. We are constantly sourcing new gifts that we think women will love.


Make Me Feel Good Subscription Boxes for women


In a market flooded with subscription gifts – why are these different?

The bespoke packaging, found throughout the whole Premurosa range, means that before you have even discovered what’s inside, these gifts are a joy to receive with the shiny purple envelope, the bespoke gift box, the letter, the layers of tissue and sprinkles. And, most importantly, they fit through the letterbox so they are perfect for busy women, no trudging round to a neighbour’s house or down to the delivery office to collect a missed parcel, Premurosa will just drop onto your doormat and make your day.