What gifts we'd give the cast of Downton for Christmas



Lord Grantham

This contemporary pen in rich brown will definitely come in handy for all his official business.


Christmas gifts, luxury pens


Lady Grantham

This romantic bath treat is just what Cora needs to spice up her love life.


Christmas gifts, luxury soaps


The Dowager Countess

The Queen of Hearts bath creamers and soaps are perfect for The Dowager - because we know who really rules the roost.


gifts for her. birthday. handmade soap hearts ad bath creamers. jasmine 1


Lady Mary

For a lady who likes to live on the edge, we think this cuff bracelet has that contemporary look which she is currently sporting.


Christmas gifts, bracelets, cuffs


Lady Edith

The sentiment of the Thanks Heavens for Little Girls soap and handcrafted bear set will resonate with Lady Edith now Marigold is safely in her care.


 Christmas gifts, baby girl gifts


Lady Rose

It has got to be crystal drop earrings for Lady Rose - glamour all the way for this newlywed.


Christmas gifts for women, crystal earrings


Tom Branson

To accompany him on his travels to Boston, this world map travel card wallet. Ideal for keeping his essentials and photos of the Downton crew.


Christmas gifts, men's travel wallet


Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson

There’s no hiding to fact that these too are soft on each other. The coaster and key ring set is just the thing for their chats over a cuppa and keeping order in the lower quarters.


Christmas gifts, coasters and key rings


Mrs Patmore

It’s got to be this lovely Home Sweet Home sign for that new cottage she is going to buy with her windfall.


Christmas gifts, home sweet home sign



For the girl who likes to – DREAM - this bracelet will inspire her on her quest to educate and move on to greater things.


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