Would You Pay It Forward?

At Premurosa we often get asked to send gifts of kindness or Pay it Forward gifts. Some people have so much good in them that they consciously go out of their way to do things for others and we find it very humbling that there are so many kind and selfless people around, showing their faith in others.


acts of kindess



The idea of Pay it Forward Day came from a novel and subsequent film which tells the story of a young boy who is given a school assignment to devise a plan that will change the world for the better, he carries out three good deeds for others in need and he asks them to repeat the process. This year, 70 countries took part in Pay it Forward Day where people were invited to perform acts of kindness to 3 or more people and ask those people to do the same. The next Pay it Forward Day is on the 23rd April 2015, however, we’d like to think that acts of kindness are something you can carry out anytime.


If you’d like to show a little kindness yourself, here’s our top 10 Pay it Forward ideas to get you started:


1) Offer your expertise for free. 


2) Send a thank you gift.


Thank You Slab 1


3) Bake cakes or biscuits for your family or work colleagues.


4) Hold open a door.


5) Donate blood.


6) Be a courteous driver.


7) Baby-sit for a couple who need a break.


8) Give someone your time.


acts of kindness 8


9) Pay for the person in the queue behind you.


10) Send a nice handwritten letter or card.


So, the next time someone wants to repay you, if you don’t need it, ask them to Pay it Forward!


acts of kindess 7