What makes a good corporate gift?

Make it personal

The thought needs to count. It must be individual so the receiver feels special rather than a mass-mailed gift that could have been for anyone. A good way personalise your gift is to include a handwritten message in your gift box.


Ensure it is a quality gift but not extravagant

Because of the recession there has been a real move towards sending quality rather than showy or expensive gifts. This all leads back to our earlier point that a personal, quality gift can have a real impact and make someone feel valued rather than ‘bought’.


Be inventive


Inventive corporate gifts - beauty boxes


Beauty boxes, subscriptions, tickets to shows are all great ways of creating a lasting impression – where the gift just keeps on giving.


Get the timing right.

A gift timed to mark a company milestone or annual events such as Christmas or birthdays will not seem out of place, and will be taken as a genuine thank you rather than trying to influence someone.


Set the right budget

Choose gifts according to how much the customer has spent with you and ensure you have checked whether the company you are sending the gift to has a limit or not on what its employees can receive.


Ensure it is packaged well.

This is your chance to make an excellent first impression. A brown padded envelope won’t cut it.


Chocolate and food/drink are always winners

  1. Food makes an excellent corporate gift


If you are struggling to pick the right corporate gift then remember food or drink are always good choices. Ideal to be shared, they will not only ensure your costumer knows how thoughtful you are but also their friends and family.


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