How To Impress Your Guests...

Does this glorious Summer weather put you in the mood for a wedding or party?


Yes? So now you want to host a party, organise your wedding or plan a company event and, you want to impress your guests from the start! Well, we'll work with you to create an invitation that's unique to you and your event.


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Invitation Chocolate with small heart


When a bespoke gift box, wrapped in a shiny metallic envelope drops through your guests' letterbox it'll certainly make an impression! And then, when your guest opens their card and reads your invitation they'll have a lovely surprise. And finally, when they unwrap the carefully sealed tissue paper to reveal a gorgeous gift or two just imagine how they'll feel? They'll be amazed, excited and really honoured that you went to so much trouble to send them such a gorgeous invitation. They'll also expect the event to be extraordinary too!


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So set the tone for your event by choosing from a selection of gorgeous gifts which can be personalised along with your invitation, save-the-date and RSVP and we'll take care of everything else for you before popping your invitations in the post. So all you have to do is wait for the excited responses!


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Premurosa, sending invitations with style!