Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List


1. Experience Holi

Newcastle is holding a Holi Festival on the 21st June. It is known as the ‘Festival of Colours’. Essentially you get to dance, listen to music and sing whilst playing paintball! Not only is this a fun and alternative day out, it makes for great photos when you turn out multi-coloured!


2. Plan a picnic.. a proper one!

This means monitoring that weather forecast military style, no problem for those super mums out there! Let’s think gingham blankets, wicker baskets and actual homemade sandwiches rather than a quick trip to the supermarket for the ready-made stuff.


3. Have fish and chips on the beach

Ah, a British classic. How many times have you said to yourself you’ll do it and it never happens? Burn off some calories with a brisk and breezy beach walk and gather them all back again with some tasty fish and chips!


Alvor Beach final



4. Meet up with that friend you’ve been trying to get together with for ages! 

Dilemmas over when to meet up can go on forever, sort it out this Summer! Once you meet up you’ll be so glad you did and you’ll be promising not to leave it so long next time. Whether it’s an old friend or new, company never goes a miss. 


5. Go bungee jumping - off the Tyne Bridge!

The famous bridge has more than one purpose, especially for the young at heart who are keen to bungee jump off!  This Summer, make it your goal to say that you did a bungee jump, went scuba diving or jumped out of a plane - or all three! You'll even pick up a certificate!


6. Learn something new

This could be as big or small as you like. Many of us have lots of free time over Summer so why shouldn’t we add to our skills and abilities? It could be learning how to make your own homemade jam, taking golf lessons or practising a language for a holiday. 



Learn Golf


7. Be a tourist!

Too often we think we’ve seen it all, even in our own home town. There is always more to explore! A simple search will bring up all museums and tourist attractions near you that maybe you didn’t even know existed. Refresh your mind!


8. Try a new food

Many people have an idea in their heads that there are certain foods they don’t like without even tasting them! Be fearless this Summer and you never know, you could find a new favourite food.


9. Have a proper, old fashioned ice-cream from an ice-cream van!

Let’s support our old friends - the ice cream van this Summer. What is more joyful than the sound of an ice-cream van stringing through the neighbourhood, whether your 16 or 60 - buy yourself a 99!


99 ice cream


10. Give a gift

Last but not least, Summer is the time when we’ve seen Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines and Easter come and go, and apart from Father's Day, the odd birthday and anniversary we may not see the need to give a gift. However, at Premurosa we are firm believers in ‘Just because…’ gifts, because a special surprise gift through the letterbox can brighten someone’s day and Summer in an unimaginable ways - even when it’s bucketing outside.