Birthday Gifts and the Element of Surprise!



So what made those Birthdays so magical? It has to be the element of surprise. When we get older, we guess the gift in the box by giving it a gentle rattle and you ask your friends and family for gifts that you’d like instead of letting them choose so the excitement fades a little. At Premurosa, we want to recapture that childlike excitement and the unexpected element of surprise.


When someone orders a Premurosa gift, it is unbeknown to the lucky recipient whose first clue they’re about to receive something nice is the mysterious, shiny purple envelope that lands on their doormat one special day - a little different from the plain white and brown envelopes that tumbled through the letterbox at the same time, usually bills. Upon opening the purple envelope, the curiosity continues… there’s a card, who’s it from? And a small gift, wrapped in purple tissue paper with a seal that just begging to be undone. What is unveiled is a total surprise, sent by someone who has been thoughtful. And, whatever gift it is, we know from experience that it will make the recipients’ day because someone has been thinking of them.


Premurosa Gift Box



Gift Box Open


And let’s not forget the sender, they will be just as happy and get just as much pleasure from sending a gift in the post as the recipient gets from receiving one.