Let's Get Crafty



The difference between knowing a product was ‘Made in China’ and handcrafted or hand stitched is that each product is literally quite unique and not shoved out on an impersonal production line. 


Home 1


For us, having hand-stitched ‘bride & groom’ hearts to include within our wedding invitations and hand-stitched ‘new home’ fridge magnets speaks volumes for our gifts. Similarly, our home baked bespoke biscuits taste that much sweeter when made following a humble recipe.


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Where possible, we like to source our products from local people who love what they do because when you love what you do you’re usually very good at it. Our bespoke biscuits are lovingly made by a one woman machine. Her attention to detail is second to none and her biscuits taste as good as they look. Our hand stitched products are fantastically threaded, made with love by a very talented lady living in the North East and our pens are handcrafted by a local gentleman who enjoyed his hobby so much he now happily makes pens in his retirement. To us, this means giving the right people with craft talent, the opportunity to make someone’s Premurosa gift that much more special, that much more thoughtful and in turn lets us offer something that is totally one of a kind. 


Sierra Pen am


So what’s stopping you from turning your hand to making some arts and crafts now and again? Click here for some inspirational ideas from www.allaboutyou.com


If you’re not very creative yourself, next time you purchase something see if you can find out what its origins are? It’s worked for us so far and we’ll always implore to better ourselves as a company by keeping things as they started - thoughtful. 


If you’re a craft maker of small gifts that you think would fit with our collection, please do get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.