Why Organic?



Our soaps, bath micro blasters and creamers are all what is known as ‘Organic’. A simple Google search will tell you that an Organic product is made with little to no added ingredients - this means no chemicals, no long names that you can’t pronounce on the label and only all naturally sourced elements used in its production.




How does this benefit you? It gives you piece of mind that the products you use day in day out, or maybe as a special treat, are not doing any potential harm to your skin and it is always good to know that you aren’t loading lashes of chemicals on either. 


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For example, our lovely liquorice all sort candy soap bar is not only organic, but handcrafted. The soap is produced from essential oils sourced from Bulgaria, France and the Atlas Mountain (exotic, we know). Added into the mix are ‘natural emollients’ such as cocoa and shea butters, that’s the lovely natural stuff that gives you the baby smooth skin. On top of that, the soap has been formulated to be paraben free (super safe!). 

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Let’s do relaxing properly - with a clear conscience, and naturally gorgeous bath goodies.



Additionally, sourcing from an ethical supplier is important to us at Premurosa, that means no animal testing. 

Try one of our pretty gift packages and see for yourself why we opted for organic.