Why Make Corporate Personal?


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What is a better way to welcome a new client than sending them a simple gift such as a handcrafted, contemporary pen? How else should you thank an old colleague for giving you a recommendation without sending some handmade luxury fudge? And trust us, networking goes a lot smoother when free edible business cards in lemon, almond and vanilla are on hand.

Gold Brushed Fudge with Mixed Fudge Sticks lg


If you want to differentiate your business and build a customer relationship, do something out of the ordinary, or not so ordinary - which is what we can offer. A simple gift as part of an after sales service can really improve your business if used in the right way. As customer service becomes more dominant in the potential for long term customers, it is ideal that a personal touch should be enforced to build a bond. Likewise as a business builds its contacts and employees it should be humble and offer something that other businesses do not, or will not.


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The big wide working world doesn’t have to be cold and heartless, we aim to make corporate personal as we know what a little bit of thoughtfulness can do for family and friends - so imagine what it can do for your business!