'Oh God...I sound just like my Mother!'



Gifts of SentimentThese words we will utter at least once in our lifetime in grimace. Repeating her everyday sayings that have silently brainwashed us over the years, or picking up unfavourable habits like our Mothers (notice that stacked hoarding pile of Tesco bags in the corner) or maybe we do not wish to be told that we look just like our Mother… especially young men!


But one day we'll reflect back on those moments and be grateful for being even remotely likened to our Mother's. We’ll hope to be even half as good a parent and person as our Mum. 




 Mothers Day Gift 2

Mums know that your other sock is approximately 30 cm left of the glass of water on the upstairs desk at a 90 degree angle, Mums can decipher any situation that has occurred or you've experienced from simply a glance at your face, and most importantly, Mums will continue to teach us more than we'll ever be able to learn about life in any education establishment. 


Our Mothers love us unconditionally for who we are. They carried us for nine strenuous months and continue to carry us throughout life, even if we may not notice it. 






Mum Card Super

And what's more is that Mothers are completely selfless. At the end of the day, after doing everything for you (laundry, dinner, dishes and chauffeur) all they want is a thank you and a hug or a kiss, although the odd little gift and thank you gesture is always gratefully received. 


So we should take this Mothering Sunday and use it as an utmost opportunity to show our Mums just how much we appreciate them, big or small, in any way we can because they do it for us 365 days of the year... and still ask for nothing in return! 




 Special Mum Heart

Whether your Mother lives nearby, far away, is no longer with you or you look to someone else as a motherly figure, we should keep these special people in our hearts and minds as they make everyday life just that little bit lovelier.