To my one and only love x


If we're lucky, we would have received a special Valentine's messages like this in the past that we still remember, and at Premurosa we love to send messages and gifts with meaning that will be a surprise as well as being remembered for a long time.



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Presented in a gorgeous, purple metallic envelope and bespoke gift box our gifts and cards are personalised and posted through the letterbox for a complete surprise. A delight that will be remembered for some time. 


At Premurosa, we send thoughtful gifts day in and day out, however, there’s something different about Valentine’s gifts. We get to play cupid!  What’s more romantic than having a secret admirer send a card with romantic message or receiving an unexpected gift from a loved one knowing they’ve been thinking of you? You cannot beat some of the good, old fashioned ways such as sending cards and messages.


And, in case you're wondering how Valentine's started, it is believed that Valentine’s Day originates from the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius 11, 270 A.D. Claudius didn’t want men to marry because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret wedding ceremonies. Valentine was jailed for this and executed on Feb 14. Before his execution he wrote a love note to the jailor’s daughter with the messages ‘From your Valentine’….thankfully, things have moved on since then.


chocolate gift ideas amazing blogAt Premurosa we celebrate all types of love, so whether it’s your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, best friends or maybe your mother (although we hope your mother will not always be your only Valentine fan!) we have plenty of gift ideas for everyone this Valentines - a luxury Belgian chocolate slab with the words ‘You’re amazing’ for someone that’s tickled your fancy, pearl crystal drop earrings to surprise your wife, or maybe you’re wanting to say ‘I love you’ with a gorgeous piece of timeless jewellery. Alternatively, if it’s a girls’ night in we’ve got it covered with our bath, body and beauty range - simply add films and snacks (and maybe a little wine) for the most fun Valentines ever!


So even if you’re not fond of Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s still a nice time to give a gift. We should take every day as an opportunity to show our friends, family and loved ones a little love and thoughtfulness. And, of course we like to play cupid too for the good old fashioned romantics. 


So, on behalf of us at Premurosa - Happy Valentines!


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