Premurosa - The Beginning

Premurosa was set up in December 2012 by founder Jo Harrison with the premise of providing thoughtful gifts for all occasions or ‘Just because’ that can be bought online at an affordable price, and delivered to the recipient through the letterbox as a total surprise. 


To get a better idea of what Premurosa is and its journey, we interviewed Jo to get an insight into Premurosa.


How did you come up with the idea of Premurosa and what was your first plan of action for setting up the business?

The idea for came about a few months after our youngest daughter left home. She sent me a gift, a lovely bracelet, which was delivered through the letterbox and took me by surprise. The packaging was a tatty brown envelope and her message had been printed onto an address label.  Not very well presented but it made my day because my daughter had been thinking of me and the whole experience was lovely.


From then on, I couldn’t help thinking that if I could produce a really nice gift box that fitted through a letterbox and included gifts and cards, there could be a market for it?  That was the beginning of Premurosa. I’ve created the whole business myself from my Newcastle factory, from designing gift boxes and cards to choosing gifts, taking photos for the website and marketing.  All this and also carrying out my ‘other’ job on the side caddying for my professional golfer husband, John, during the PGA European Senior season.


What’s your daily routine like as the owner of Premurosa?


Premurosa Business Gift PromotionI'd like to say that I wake up, practice a little Yoga, go for a run,

shower, have a leisurely breakfast and stroll into work feeling refreshed and ready for the day. In reality, I wake up and switch the laptop on around 6.30 am, make a cuppa, then lose myself in work for a couple of hours, have a quick breakfast, shower and head in to the factory. I love opening up the factory and bringing it to life. After checking emails and orders, I make my calls and start working through my list of 'to do's'. Some days I'll be working from the factory all day and other days I may have appointments, attend networking events or be exhibiting at shows. Our letterbox gifts leave the factory around 4.30 pm giving us time to tidy up and then it's off home for short break and a little more work on the laptop, usually planning the day ahead. 


How do you select your gifts? 

It's important that our letterbox gifts are thoughtful, special and affordable; we want our recipients to be delighted when they receive their gifts. Being a new business owner myself and knowing how difficult it is to grow a business, I like to share business around and help others to grow and establish their own business so we have several local suppliers who we work closely with to design bespoke gifts for Premurosa. We also have suppliers that are more established and try, where possible, to choose handmade organic gifts and gifts made in the UK. We have built a nice selection of gifts for him, gifts for her and gifts for children that we continue to grow.


How did the design of the Premurosa packaging develop?


Premurosa Gift Box PlanOur packaging is all part of the Premurosa experience and it was important to produce a gift box of quality. The size of the packaging was determined by the size of a standard letterbox. I did actually try to produce a gift box that was under 2.5 cm deep (as the postage is cheaper) but found this too restrictive when it came to choosing gifts.














First Premurosa gift box manufacturedWe didn't want a box that was too 'girlie' so decided on purple as being a good colour for both sexes. The design was a gradual process. The box was a pretty standard design initially but we decided on a sleeve for presentation and to make the box more secure and the insert was suggested to help keep the gifts in place. It's almost like playing 'pass the parcel' when you receive a Premurosa gift as you unwrap layer, after layer until you find your card and gifts.











What advice would you give to anyone who has an idea, and wants to make a business out of it?

Give yourself the least amount of pressure possible, work from home to start and grow your business organically. I was little too quick to rent business premises and take on commitments because I believed in my product so much and wanted it to look professional from the start. It takes time to establish a business.  If you need a website, shop around before you choose your web designer. I had two bad experiences before I met my current designer which cost me a lot in wasted money and time. Find a web designer that really 'gets' your product and is happy to help you on your way. I would thoroughly recommend


What motivates you daily?


Quite simply, it’s my belief in Premurosa that motivates me and also my desire to succeed. I am a very self-motivated, optimistic person with a strong belief in my product so it's not hard working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week on something that you believe in. (I do usually allow myself a half day off on Sundays!) Sending a little bit of happiness through the letterbox and hearing about people's reactions make it all worthwhile.


What are your future plans for Premurosa?

letterbox and gift

To market to the masses and grow Premurosa into a household name whilst creating jobs and building a happy working team. How nice would it be, to be known as the Interflora of letterbox gifts!


Now that you know a little about us, we want to know a little about you!  Interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, we love people to engage with us or just simply pop in and leave us a comment! We're a little business with a big heart, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, delivering nationwide. So keep us in mind next time you’re being thoughtful!